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Memories add and subtract the yeats lived.

1. Nostalgia

The little girl in me wakes up

and blinks eyes in wonder

at the sight of dewdrops on the grass,

a ladybug, a balloon

or the sight of a rabbit’s tail.

they fill me with delight

just as they did

some five decades ago

and I was a little girl;

happy and free.

When the little one within

dances and twirls on her toes,

the aging ‘Me’ wanders off somewhere

to take a break from life’s chores

she escapes to childhood

and finds heaven there.

2. Never Alone

There is a pleasure in being by myself

far from the humdrum of life:

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Blending with the magic of the night is like another life lived.

A reflection

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Visible or invisible: there is life beyond the vision.

Humans are spirits

brought to flesh and blood,

spirits that were there

before coming to the Earth

as lights of the universe

when hearts stop beating

in the human.

Life gives trials in countless ways. Life as a single presence is also the breath I take during my time. It is my friend, then it shaped me into what I am today. It could not be otherwise, for we are spirits in the wheel of time. And it gives blessings through the trials whether we acknowledge it or not.

If life is a friend, like an artist, it has chiseled…

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My Thought-wheel

Hey Thoughts,

Please stop running wild all the time

be still for a second instead of running

across meadows and hills like wild mustangs.

I can’t rein you in

and keep you still.

Dear thoughts,

rest awhile on one shore

and not skip over the seas,

I need to be present

and answer to some needs of the moment.

Hey thoughts,

Sit still in the silence of the night,

don’t fly out through the window

to mingle with the stars

or like birds that soar in the sky.

I can’t bring you back like a kite

with a string to…


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Life is a game of ups and downs.

2020 with its pandemic was like a test of nerves, patience, love, kindness, and what not? Turning to pages for 2021 does not feel too optimistic either, are we actually leaving the sad chapters behind? or shall we pause and salvage some of the good that it did have?

Questions are endless as to why certain things happen to ruin a perfectly set vacation, a wedding, or an innovation. Few choices we have when natural catastrophes land and leave trails of destruction. And COVID-19 has not gone away, we might as well brace ourselves for more nightmares from this…

Tulip Chowdhury

Tulip Chowdhury explores life as an educator, television host, storyteller, poet, and author. She lives in Massachusetts, USA.

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