1. Nostalgia

The little girl in me wakes up

and blinks eyes in wonder

at the sight of dewdrops on the grass,

a ladybug, a balloon

or the sight of a rabbit’s tail.

they fill me with delight

just as they did

some five decades ago

and I was a little…

A reflection

Humans are spirits

brought to flesh and blood,

spirits that were there

before coming to the Earth

as lights of the universe

when hearts stop beating

in the human.

Life gives trials in countless ways. Life as a single presence is also the breath I take during my time. It…

My Thought-wheel

Hey Thoughts,

Please stop running wild all the time

be still for a second instead of running

across meadows and hills like wild mustangs.

I can’t rein you in

and keep you still.

Dear thoughts,

rest awhile on one shore

and not skip over the seas,

I need to be…

Reflection poetry

At my workplace, I feel the years lived to weigh on me when I am on the stairs of our school building. It’s a high school with youths on the stepping stones of life.

When I am walking up the stairs I go step by step, thoughtful spaces of safety

I am not fond of this station of life

nor do I desire the one that awaits.

Somewhere in between

lies a place in a void,

assures me of perfect choices,

whispers of magnetic forces in every way.

East, west, north, and south

wherever I want to go,

a faceless…


Fall is the love story, like a test of faith

if you will catch me when I fall.

I am the maple leaf, turning yellow

orange and then red long before all

and then the north wind comes

here I detach from my home branch

of a summer gone.


The twilight spread over the western horizon, wrapping the sky with darkness overhead. The night settled over the sky, slowly spreading the tranquil blanket for the night to sleep. I bowed over my prayer beads, asking for strength to my Lord, the blood in my body tingled, and energy…

They found Something in each other

so wanted to do a Lot more together

pretty soon

Somethings evaporated and became Nothing.

They lost Something, so they thought

But they were not sure either.

In between what their Found or Lost

life didn’t make sense either.

Their relationship was one and…

Tulip Chowdhury

Tulip Chowdhury explores life as an educator, television host, storyteller, poet, and author. She lives in Massachusetts, USA.

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