A reflection

Humans are spirits

brought to flesh and blood,

spirits that were there

before coming to the Earth

as lights of the universe

when hearts stop beating

in the human.

Life gives trials in countless ways. Life as a single presence is also the breath I take during my time. It…

My Thought-wheel

Hey Thoughts,

Please stop running wild all the time

be still for a second instead of running

across meadows and hills like wild mustangs.

I can’t rein you in

and keep you still.

Dear thoughts,

rest awhile on one shore

and not skip over the seas,

I need to be…

In the Hallways

Long hallways lead to the stairs, walk-on

climb to the first floor; the steps are steady.

Walk once again along the hallway

the second flight of stairs

breathing slow, hesitant steps

while younger people walk past

two steps at a time

I pause to catch on breath and let them…

Tulip Chowdhury

Tulip Chowdhury explores life as an educator, television host, storyteller, poet, and author. She lives in Massachusetts, USA.

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