What if the sun ar the moon decide not to show up one day, scary right?

Things you cannot control

2 min readFeb 27, 2024


Scary are things that we cannot control

however small the thing, when beyond our control

looms like dark clouds before a storm.

An undefined sickness in the body brings death near

while helplessly, we watch health fail

and keep telling ourselves that God knows best.

We, mortal beings live in boxes

sealed with limitations tied to knowledge.

When loved people leave

without heed to voices coming from behind

helplessness arises from the inner being

we can so much as beg in words and hands

and yet, the heart we cannot open and press.

When a loved one walks out the door

stars fall on futile grounds and we sigh.

As the air understands the wind

fear of the unknown entwines the fear of loss

while our prayers go in countless forms.

Since alternative forces give birth to life,

things we control and cannot our trust is born

in the invisible forces of the universe.

Tulip Chowdhury writes from Georgia, USA.



Tulip Chowdhury

There are moments of magic and challenges in living this earthly life. May my wings soar through the blessed energy of the universe.