I hug night lovingly when it comes.

Waiting for the Night

Tulip Chowdhury
2 min readFeb 23, 2024


I hug the Night

when it descends with pitch darkness

I embrace its intangible form and breathe.

I seek solace at Night

in the corners of my room, under the bed

under the table, and around the walls

when it comes with its tranquility.

I hug the Night

and relax in its shelter, letting go of buckled feelings.

I cry and sob, and I laugh in the silence

in the unfathomable embrace that Night brings.

The Night, my steady friend

never fails, regardless of how life runs

forgiving even if I was not my best all day.

The Night waits for me to unburden my soul

with tears and laughter, it takes it all.

My tear-soaked pillow or the muffled sobs

don’t turn the Night away when I seek refuge,

to hide from judging ears and eyes.

I hug the Nigh.

Many ears are there to share my happy notes

but a few to lend ears to the sad

but to the Night, I can tell my melancholy tales

and it will not turn away.

Like a lover looking longingly at the door

I wait for the Night, my beloved, to walk in.
I wait to open my Saga of Emotions

when the Night comes.

I hug the Night tight while it sits by my side.

Tulip Chowdhury writes from Georgia, USA.



Tulip Chowdhury

There are moments of magic and challenges in living this earthly life. May my wings soar through the blessed energy of the universe.